To Nourish Our Faith

It is not always easy to believe all the time, to practice this virtue of faith. There are many things in our Catholic Faith that may rub us the wrong way on certain occasions. The Church’s teachings on contraception, the death penalty, and the indissolubility of marriage, for example, are not the ways of the world. The ways of the world, however, would be much “easier” to accept and embrace. Instead, the theological virtue of faith asks us to submit not to the world but rather to truth himself. Faith requires us to submit our entire intellect and will to the Lord, and not to the latest polls in the New York Times.

This might be one reason why the Lord blesses us with his Church, so that we would have a place where we belong, where our life is being lived in union with other people living the same way. The Church strengthens our lives of faith by reminding us of those who have lived this faith before us. The saints, the martyrs, and perhaps even members of our own families have been examples to us for living the faith. The Church brings us all together in that one act of profession of faith.

– Father James M. Sullivan, O.P.