Good news: FOCUS!

We are very pleased to announce our two returning FOCUS missionaries, Rachel and Michael, along with our two new missionaries, Jose and Annie. These young disciples give up their own interests in jobs and grad school for a while and submit completely to the will of God by letting His love work through them on our college campus. Along with around 300 other missionaries across the country, our FOCUS missionaries share the Good News through vibrant and joyful lives dedicated to Christ and His Church.

2013-2014 TU focus: Jose, Annie, Rachel and Michael
2013-2014 TU focus: Jose, Annie, Rachel and Michael

Furthermore, two of our very own alumni from TU Catholic, Adam Bremerkamp and Danielle Kelker, will be starting as FOCUS missionaries this fall at Baylor University and the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

TU alumni Adam Bremerkamp and Danielle Kelker, who are serving with FOCUS at Baylor and UMKC next year.

Please pray for Adam, Danielle, Rachel, Michael, Jose, Annie, and all of the FOCUS missionaries as they continue Staff Training at Ave Maria University. Also, for great reading about FOCUS and living as a young Catholic, check out

Peer Ministry Applications Now Available

Ever get the feeling that God is calling you to do something to serve your friends and fellow students? Want to be an active disciple on campus next year, in ways both visible and invisible? Consider applying for the Peer Ministry Team! The application is available now at

Questions about the application? Any peer minister would be happy to chat!

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