Five Students Receive Sacrament of Confirmation

On the night of Saturday, March 30th, five of our students received the Sacrament of Confirmation. From the YOUCAT, an accessible expression of the Catechism:

“Confirmation is the sacrament that completes Baptism; in it the gift of the Holy Spirit is bestowed upon us. Anyone who freely decides to live a life as God’s child and asks for God’s Spirit under the signs of the imposition of hands and anointing with chrism receives the strength to witness to God’s love and might in word and deed. He is now a full-fledged, responsible member of the Catholic Church.

“When a coach sends a soccer player onto the playing field, he puts his hand on his shoulder and gives him final instructions. We can understand Confirmation in a similar way. A hand is placed upon us. We step out onto the field of life. Through the Holy Spirit we know what we have to do and we have been given the power to do it. He has motivated us. His mission resounds in our ears. We sense his help. We will not betray his trust or disappoint him; we will win the game for him. We just have to want to do it and listen to him.”

Palm Sunday and Holy Week 2013

It’s the biggest week of the year, Holy Week. Offer up time to Christ and follow the sacrifice of the Eucharist, death on the cross, and Resurrection from the dead. This week’s bulletin can be found at: Bulletin-2013-03-24.pdf

Holy Week

Monday, Mar 25 – Mass, 12:05p
Tuesday, Mar 26 – Chrism Mass, 5:30p at Holy Family Cathedral
Wednesday, Mar 27 – Mass, 9:30p, followed by a student reflection
Holy Thursday – Mar 28 – Mass, 5:15p
Good Friday – Mar 29 – Living Stations on the U, 12:05p; Good Friday Liturgy, 3p; Meager Meatless Meal, 5:30p, ‘The Passion of the Christ’ screening, 8p
Holy Saturday – Mar 30 – Tenebrae, 5:30a; Mary and Martha women’s service day, after Tenebrae; Confession, 8:45-9:45p; Easter Vigil Mass and Party, 10p
Easter Sunday – Mar 31 – morning Mass, 11a; evening Mass, 8p