Intramural Volleyball Schedule

The flag football season may be winding down but intramural volleyball is just about to start.  Play or cheer for Newman!  Games will be at the Collins Fitness Center.  Here are the details:

Sunday, October 20:

  • 4:30p | men vs Sigma Chi
  • 7:30p | co-rec vs Thunder Katz

Sunday, October 27:

  • 3:30p | men vs Pikes II
  • 5:30p | co-rec vs Goonies

Sunday, November 3:

  • 3:30p | men vs Tote 9s
  • 6:30p | co-rec vs Chi Alpha

Sunday, November 10:

  • 4:30p | men vs Phi Mu Alpha
  • 9:30p | co-rec vs Sigma Chi/Delta Gamma