I Want to Make Great Friends


“Some of my closest friends in college I’ve met here at Newman! It’s truly a community of joyful people who encourage me both academically and spiritually. I am so thankful I can call Newman home and make so many awesome memories here with my brothers and sisters in Christ.” -Caroline Yaeger

What if you knew you were loved the minute you walked into a room, not because of what you have or what organization you’re involved in, but because you are simply you? I mean, isn’t that why we have or want to have friends? Because they love us for who we truly are and not our material possessions? The community at the TU Catholic Newman Center provides just that. We are individuals that are bonded together by the love we have for each and every person and of course, by Christ. After all, we are made in the image and likeness of our Heavenly Father and just as He loves, we should also try to love in that capacity.

“Being in the St. Therese Women’s group has shown me the best combination of faith, fellowship, and friendship. A lot of our activities include crafting, making and eating food, hanging out, walking around, and simply enjoying each other’s company. I’ve been given love, mercy,  guidance, and support through the women’s group, and I’m grateful for all of the ways it has helped me grow in my journey of faith.” -Remmi Smith

Connor Slattery

“I’m always looking forward to the next month’s mens group event to go out, just a bunch of good Catholic guys, and we can spend a night or weekend out of Tulsa and away from school to just sit back and enjoy life and each other. Even when I was stressed out with school I made sure to get to these events cause school work always went a lot smoother after our men days.” -Connor Slattery

If you’re anything like me, you’re afraid to reach out and start a conversation with a random stranger. It’s uncomfortable and for a lot of us (or maybe just me), we’re taught to stay within our own personal bubble. But, we are made to share life with one another and that’s the best thing about the Peer Ministry team. We are comprised of men and women who want to share life with you. We desire to know YOU, as a brother or sister in Christ. That’s why we make campus wide events and find speakers to bring in. We want to meet you face to face and build a relationship with you, wherever you’re at in this journey of life. Are you afraid because of the choices you’ve made in life? It’s okay if you’re broken or if you’re lost. We all are, even the ones that go to church everyday. God created you because He loved you and because you were worth dying for. We want to know the amazing person that you are. As Saint John Paul II says, “Be not afraid.” Every relationship begins because someone takes the risk of saying, “Hi.” So, come talk to us and share life with us.


“The Tulsa Newman Center is home: It’s kind people who ask you about your day, it’s a place of joy and laughter, it’s friendships with people who run with you toward sainthood. I am so thankful for this place and the huge impact it has made on my first year in college.”
-Clare Holman