Freedom in God

If we give our freedom to God we shall remain free. If we prefer anything to God we shall lose our freedom and fall into slavery of some kind. Knowing this, God forbids us to acknowledge other gods. The Bible calls this God’s jealous, because he prefers our happiness to everything else. This is why Christian faith is exclusive. There is only one God, one Lord, one Creator, one Redeemer. Throughout the Bible God asks: “Has any other god done for you what I have done?” No other god is Creator. No other god took notice of Israel in slavery and set them free. No other god became man and died to set us free from sin. We owe everything – our existence, our freedom, our hope – to God. To believe this in faith means to prefer God to all else: riches, fame, power, pleasure. To prefer him to all things is to refuse to get distracted, to cling to what gives ultimate meaning and purpose to life. In this way faith fulfills the commandment not to have other gods besides him. Even more, by faith we prefer God to life itself: His “love is better than life” (Psalm 63:4).

– Douglas Bushman